Corinne Nativel
PhD, Lecturer, Researcher, Translator
Social sciences


Useful Links    FR version

• Journals in English

Ingenta : catalogue of academic and scientific journals (ATHENS password required)

SwetsWise : catalogue of academic and scientific journals (ATHENS password requis)

Blackwell Synergy : catalogue of journals published by Blackwell (ATHENS password required)

Bids : bibliographic service (ATHENS password required)

EBSCOhost : Electronic Journals Service (ATHENS password required)

Social Science Virtual Library : electronic journals in the social sciences


• Journals in French

Calenda: Calendar of the social sciences

Difpop: Distributor of academic journals

Ent'revues: "La revue des revues" (catalogue of cultural and literary journals)

Le Monde Diplomatique: Section "revues" of the Monde Diplomatique

Irevues: The electronic editing service of the Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (CNRS)

Last update : Oct 2019