Corinne Nativel
PhD, Social Sciences
Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Translator


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London (UK), RGS-IBG Annual Conference: "Living in Limboland? How Paris-based British Nationals Deal with the Uncertainties of Brexit", session on "Negociating Brexit: Migrant Spatialities and Identities in a Changing Europe: Transnationality, Materiality and Emotion",

Créteil (France), "Social Policy and the Challenge of Intersectionality: 2 case studies in Britain", Seminar of the CIMMA research group, Universty Paris-East Créteil, 21 April 2017.

Paris (France), "Intersectionality and the Convergence of Protest in Austerity Britain", Conference on "Gender-Race-Disability", University Paris Diderot, 10 March 2017.


Nancy (France), "The Impact of Welfare Reform on the North: Some Implications for Governance", Conference on "Revisiting the UK's North-South Divide: the Changing Face of the North", University of Lorraine, 4-5 November 2016.

Créteil (France), "Bodies and Workfare: the example of policy reforms towards disabled people in Britain", Conference on Bodies and Politics, University Paris-East Créteil, 8 September 2016.

Paris (France), "Les pouvoirs publics face au défi de l'intersectionalité: l'exemple des politiques d'insertion professionnelle pour les jeunes londoniens d'origine africaine et afro-caribéenne", Conference on the Governance of Cultural Diversity in London , 28 June 2016.

San Francisco (USA),"Social Justice and Transnational Knowledge Diffusion: Learning from Living Wage Policies", Session on "Critical Policy Mobilities" organised by Astrid Wood  (Newcastle University), AAG Annual Meeting, 29 March-2 April 2016.


Reggio Emilia (Italy), International Social Cohesion Days (ISCD), speaker in a roundtable on youth unemployment in the European Union, 4-6 June 2015. Website

Paris (France), "Tackling In-Work Poverty: How Progressive is the London Living Wage? Final Paper"', Second Workshop on Progressive Cities in Asia and Europe convened by Romain Garbaye, University Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle, 11-12 May  2015.

Paris (France), "Wage inequalities, occupational polarisation and class divisions: Lessons from the London Living Wage", Conference on Inequalities in the UK: Perceptions, Actions, Evolutions, Université Paris 3-Sorbonne Nouvelle, 10-11 Avril 2015.

Créteil (France), "Geographies and Politics of the London Living Wage", Seminar of the CIMMA research group, University Paris-East Créteil, 23 March 2015.

Singapore: "Tackling In-Work Poverty: How Progressive is the London Living Wage? Draft Paper', First Dialogic Workshop on Progressive Cities in Asia and Europe convened by Mike Douglass, National University of Singapore, 12-13 February 2015.


Glasgow (Scotland): "Youth Unemployment and Guarantees: Lessons from Local Labour Markets', 8th Annual Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), Session on youth unemployment organised by Felix Hörisch and Jennifer Shore (Mannheim University), 4-6 September 2014.

Stockholm (Sweden): "Youth Guarantees: Lessons from Local Implementation" (Workshop Convenor/Facilitator), 10th OECD Annual Forum on Partnerships and Local Development organised in co-operation with the Swedish Public Employment Service, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Ministry of Employment and the World Association of Public Employment Services, 24-25 April 2014.

Washington D.C. (USA): "Youth Unemployment and Guarantees in Times of Crisis: Lessons from 8 European Countries", 21st International Conference of Europeanists, Council for European Studies (CES), Symposium on "Vulnerable People in Vulnerable Times" organised by Paul Copeland (Queen Mary) anf Beryl ter Haar (Amsterdam), 14-16 March 2014.


Dijon (France), University of Burgundy: "The Deviant Body: Labelling Disability Under the New British Workfare Regime", Annual Conference of the Societé des Anglicistes de l'Enseignement Supérieur (SAES), Workshop on "Labelling the Deviant" organised by Emma Bell (Université de Savoie), 19 May 2013.

Paris (France), University Paris IV-Sorbonne: "Valeurs et responsabilités dans la lutte contre le chômage des jeunes en Europe: le point de vue des agents du Service Public de l'Emploi" [Values and responsibilities in the fight against youth unemployment in Europe: views from the Public Employment Service], Conference on Globalisation, Values and Responsibilities organised by Donna Kesselman (Upec) and Geneviève Cohen-Cheminet (Paris IV), 23 November 2013.


Coventry (UK), Coventry University: "When French Youth Meet 'Précarité': Concepts, Problems, Policies", ESRC Seminar Series on "Young People and Precarious Employment". Seminar No. 1 on "International Patterns of Precarious Work Among Young People" organised by Lefteris Kretsos and Melanie Simms, 11 March 2011.


Paris (France), Centre for Urban Studies in the Anglophone World, University of Paris-IV Sorbonne:  "L'internationale publicitaire revisitée: géostratégies d'une industrie créative à travers l'exemple de trois métropoles Etats-Unisiennes (New York, Detroit, Los Angeles)" [The Advertising Intenational revisited: geo-strategies of a creative industry through the exemple of three US cities (New York, Detroit, Los Angeles],  Seminar Paper, Monday 29 March, 6 pm, room G361 (Sorbonne).

Glasgow (UK), Glasgow Caledonian University : "Strategies for combining work and care by parents with young children", Paper by Pamela Abbott on the basis of joint work with Corinne Nativel and Claire Wallace, Annual Conference of the British Sociological Association (BSA), Workshop on "Economy & Society', 7-10 April 2010.

Nancy (France), University Nancy 2 : "David against Goliath? Urban protest and spaces of resistance to the Olympic Games in London and Vancouver", Conference on "London: Global, Multicultural and Olympic City" organised by Roseline Théron (Nancy 2) and Tim Whitton (Clermont-Ferrand), 26-27 November 2010.


Paris (France), University of Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle, conference on the restructuring of public services in Britain: paper on the Public Employment Service, 19 September 2009.


Paris (France), University of Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle: paper on "Coalitions for decent wages and housing in London: two case studies", Conference on deliberative democracy in Britain organised by Emmanuelle Avril, 6 December 2008.

Boston (USA), Association of American Geographers (AAG) Annual Meeting : "Solutions for a Small Planet ? Geographies of Brand Advertising in the Global Marketplace", Paper in the session of "Geographies of Brands and Branding" organised by Andy Pike (Curds, Newcastle), 15-19 April 2008.

Paris (France), University of Paris-3 Sorbonne Nouvelle. Conference on "Languages, Economics, Management" : "L'industrie publicitaire mondiale à l'épreuve de la diversité culturelle" , 29 March 2008.


Villetaneuse (France), University of Paris 13, seminar of the CRIDAF (Centre de Recherches Interculturelles sur les Domaines Anglophones et Francophones) : "Dynamiques des espaces de convergence au regard de deux réseaux de justice mondiale" (24 June 2006)

London (UK), Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference : papers on

    • (1) "Geographies of the French Housing Crisis: Problems and Policies" [invited guest], session on "Housing in Crisis" (31 August 2006)
    • (2) "Buggering about in Cuba or health and safety in Darlington ? The dilemmas of forging transnational links in the international trade union movement" (paper given by A. Cumbers on the basis of joint research with C. Nativel and P. Routledge), session on "Worker Empowerment and Collective Action in a Global Economy" (30 August 2006)
  • Trento (Italy), Cassa Centrale : Conference on "Trade Unions and Welfare Networks in Europe" organised by INAS CISL and the Giulio Pastore Foundation : paper on "Trade unions and the local governance of welfare in the United Kingdom" (26 October 2006)


Paris (France), OECD : "Skills Upgrading for the Low Qualified: A Synthesis", presentation of a synthesis report to the LEED Directing Committee, 19 May 2005.

London (UK), Royal Geographical Society-Institute of British Geographers Annual Conference: "Entangled Operational Logics of Global Justice Networks" (paper given by A. Cumbers on the basis of joint research with C.Nativel and P. Routledge), 31 August-2 September 2005.

Budapest (Hungary), Corvinus University: "Entangled Operational Logics and Grassroot Imaginaries of Global Justice Networks" (paper given by C. Nativel on the basis of joint research with Andy Cumbers and Paul Routledge), 3rd Conference of the European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR), 8-10 September 2005.


  • Glasgow (UK), University of Glasgow, Department of Geographical and Earth Sciences : Lunchtime seminar on "Disentangling the European Social Forum" (with Prue Elletson and Andy Cumbers), 9 December 2004.


  • Sligo (Ireland), Institute of Technology: 20th annual conference of the European Society for Rural Sociology: “Lone Parenthood and Paid Work: A Tale of Two Rural English Counties”; and chair of the session “Gender and Rurality”, 18-22 August 2003.
  • Marseille (France), Palais de la Bourse: Euromed Convention (invited by the French Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry): Participation at a roundtable on the challenge of economic investment in the Mediterranean basin, 7 November 2003.


  • Lille (France), University of Lille 3: Seminar on employment policies organised by the doctoral school Time, Societies, Languages and Cultures : « La territorialisation des politiques de l’emploi en Allemagne et en Autriche » [invited guest], 4 May 2002.
  • Paris (France), OECD: « Upgrading the Skills of the Low Qualified: A New Local Policy Agenda », presentation of an exploratory report to the LEED Directing Committee, 21 June 2002.


  • Edinburgh (UK), University of Edinburgh: Seminar of the Geography Department: « Meeting the Local Challenge? Territorial flexibility and the New Deal for Young People” (with Peter Sunley), 26 February 2001.
  • Paris (France), OECD: « Upgrading the skills of the low-qualified: a new local policy agenda: A research proposal », presentation of a research project to the LEED Directing Committee, 5 November 2001.


  • Birmingham (UK), Institute for German Studies: Conference on East Germany: Continuity and Change: “The Significance of the Region in East Germany’s Economic Transition“ (with Hannah Tooze), 9 May 1998.


  • Bonn (Germany): Postgraduate meeting funded by the Deustches Akademisches Austauschdienst (DAAD): „Arbeitsmarktpolitik in den neuen Bundesländer: Bedarf und Grenzen“, January 1997.
  • Birmingham (UK), Institute for German Studies: Seminar of the doctoral school: „Active Labour Market Policy in the new German Bundesländer, a mere unemployment ‘cover-up’ device?“, 29 October 1997.
  • Washington D.C. (USA), Center for German and European Studies, Georgetown University: Conference on Becoming Europe: between Unity and Diversity: “Transformation Unemployment in the new German Bundesländer: Responses through Active Labour Market Policy” [invited guest] , 8-9 November 1997.
  • Windsor Park (UK), Cumberland Lodge: Annual meeting of the DAAD lectors: « Labour Market Transition in Eastern Germany » [invited guest], 4 December 1997.


  • Birmingham (UK), Institute for German Studies: Seminar of the doctoral school: “Labour market policies in the New German Bundesländer : theoretical and empirical issues”, 26 June 1996.
  • Coventry (UK), University of Warwick: Postgraduate meeting of the Association for the Study of German Politics (ASGP): “Unemployment in the new Bundesländer”, November 1996.
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