Corinne Nativel
PhD, Senior Lecturer, Researcher, Translator
Social sciences


Research (1995-2017)    FR version

1995-2000: Economic Transition, Unemployment and Active Labour Market Policy: Lessons and Perspectives from the East German Bundesländer

PhD thesis funded by the DAAD (obtained in July 2000). Supervision by Professor Lothar Funk, Professor of economics at the Fachhochschule Duesseldorf (Germany) and by Dr Jens Hölscher, Reader in Economics at the University of Brighton, UK. 

1999-2001: The Geography of Workfare: Local Labour Markets and the New Deal for Young People 

Research funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (graded "outstanding"), with Professor Peter Sunley (Department of Geography, University of Southampton, UK) and Professor Ron Martin (Department of Geography, University of Cambridge, UK). For more information, click here.

2001-2003: Local Policies and Partnerships to Upgrade the Skills of Low-Qualified Workers: a comparison of Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Great Britain, USA.

OECD study conducted with Sylvain Gigučre, Deputy Head of the LEED Programme, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, Paris.

2002-2003: Lone Parenthood and Paid Work: Case Studies from Rural England 

Project funded by the Economic and Social Research, with Dr Annie Hughes, Lecturer at the School of Earth Sciences and Geography, Kingston University, UK.

2003-2004: Teenage Pregnancy and Early Parenthood in Developed Countries

Study commissioned by the French Family Allowance Fund, with Dr Anne Daguerre (Middlesex University, London). For more information, click here.

2005: Housing Policies for Young People in France and the European Union 

Study commissioned by the French Youth Ministry, conducted by the French National Youth Research Institute (INJEP).

2004-2006: The Politics of Convergence Space in Global Justice Networks

Project funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (graded "outstanding"), with Dr Andy Cumbers and Dr Paul Routledge (Department of Geographical and Earth Sciences, Glasgow University, Scotland, UK).

2006: Trade Unions and the Local Governance of Social Welfare

Commissioned by the Italian Trade Union CISL. Participation in a comparative European study coordinated by the Giulio Pastore Foundation (Rome, Italy).

2007-2008: The Globalisation of the Advertising Industry: A Case Study of Knowledge Workers in Worldwide Economic Restructuring 

Project funded by the Sloan Foundation (New York), with Dr James Faulconbridge (Lecturer in Geography at Lancaster University, UK), Professor Peter Taylor (Professor of Geography, Loughborough University, UK) and Professor Jonathan Beaverstock (University of Nottingham, UK).

2009: Workcare: Social Quality and the Changing Relationship between Work, Care and Welfare

Participation in a large-scale project funded under the European Commission's Sixth Framework Programme, with Prof. Claire Wallace and Prof. Pamela Abbott (Department of Sociology,  University of Aberdeen).

2010/11: 'Summer Jobs' (Jobs d'été): the local governance of a youth policy scheme in France, with Dr. Angélica Trindade-Chadeau, researcher at the French National Youth Research Institute (INJEP). Commissioned by the French Youth Ministerial authority (DJEPVA).

2013/14: Youth Guarantees in the European Union, Study commissionned by the OECD.  

2015/16: Contribution to the WHIG (What is Being Governed in London and Paris) project, directed by Prof. Romain Garbaye (University Paris 3 - Sorbonne Nouvelle) in cooperation with Sciences Po Paris.  

2017: The Sociology of Brexit: how British Natives Negotiate Injustice and Uncertainty, self-funded project.

Last update : June 2017